Media Strategy, Online Video

Print needs video too

When creating a press strategy for print media, don’t forget that newspapers and magazines also have websites that are hungry for content too.

That was the advice of speakers at the Creative Charity Comms event at The Gathering, a conference and exhibition for Scotland’s third sector at the SEC Centre in Glasgow.

But make sure you think as creatively about video as you do about the press release. “Don’t just put your chief executive in a video. Let us see your service users,” said Susan Smith, the editor of Third Force News (TFN).

Video should not just repeat information that’s already in the press release, she added, as TFN’s readers would be unlikely to watch online videos that didn’t add something to the story. 

Claire Dean, the director of media co-op, recommended charities thinking of including video in their press strategy think about how they can find case studies and good visuals to grab the attention of editors.

So next time you are planning your press strategy, think about how you can bring a fresh angle on the stories you want to tell, and whether you might be able to use video content to enhance their impact.

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