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Increase impact with native video

If you want to make the most of your social media platforms, then you should consider creating video that can be uploaded natively or created within the platform, rather than sticking it on YouTube and embedding or linking to it.

Why would you do this? A study by Quintly of native content on Facebook found that engagement with native video is much higher than with embedded content.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram all allow native video and, unlike linked or embedded video, native video tends to play automatically in your audience’s feed.

The catch is that it will play with the sound off unless the user clicks to enable it, and separate studies have reported that only a small percentage of native video is clicked to play sound.

So captions are essential if dialogue is involved, not just because it is good practice to make your content as accessible as possible, but also because this will result in increased reach for your content.

Of course as a producer you hope that viewers will want to immerse themselves in your amazing content with the sound on, but more important is that the message the client wants to get across reaches the intended audience with maximum impact.

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